Bank Holiday Closures

Are banks open today? Banks holidays.

Bank Closing Schedule: 2018 2019
Banks are closed New Years Jan 1 Jan 1
Banks are closed MLK Jan 15 Jan 21
Banks are closed Pres Day Feb 19 Feb 18
Banks are closed Memorial Day May 28 May 27
Banks are closed on the 4th Jul 4 Jul 4
Banks are closed Labor Day Sep 3 Sep 2
Banks are closed Columbus Day Oct 8 Oct 14
Banks are closed Veterans Day Nov 12 Nov 13
Banks are closed Thanksgiving Nov 22 Nov 28
Banks are OPEN black Friday Nov 23 Nov 29
Banks are closed Christmas Eve Nov 24 Nov 24
Banks are closed Christmas Day Dec 25 Dec 25

Banking holidays can put a snag in your plans to deposit a check or accomplish any basic task that requires a teller's help such as sending out a wire transfer. Our banking chart will help inform you if US banks are opened or closed today or tomorrow. We also offer a calendar view of scheduled banking holidays through out the course of the year. While some banks can operate on their own schedules most follow the standard federal holidays. The most popular federal holidays for banks being closed are Presidents Day, Christmas Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Columbus Day, New Years Day and MLK Day. We have put together a list of all US Banking Holidays that almost all banks observe.

Holidays Bank of America Wells Fargo JP Chase & Citi
New Years Day
Closed Closed Closed
Closed Closed Closed
Presidents Day
Closed Closed Closed
Memorial Day
Closed Closed Closed
Independence Day
Closed Closed Closed
Labor Day
Closed Closed Closed
Columbus Day
Closed Closed Closed
Veterans Day
Closed Closed Closed
Thanksgiving Day
Closed Closed Closed
Christmas Day
Closed Closed Closed